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Stackable Rack

Stackable Racks


• 50 Position – 5 wells deep x 10 wells wide.
• Use with 12x32mm vials and Tubes.
• Stackable.
• Alphanumeric indexing.
• Manufactured from polypropylene.
• Autoclavable.
• Easy to clean.
Standard rack colors are white, blue and black. Special colors available with a
minimum order of 200 racks. Contact Finneran for more details.
• Logo screening available with a minimum purchase of 100 racks.
One time screening charge. Contact Finneran for more details.

9700-12 WITH 9700-12B CRIMP

Snap Racks™

Snap Racks™ are constructed of durable glass reinforced polypropylene, with a center well to conveniently hold caps, seals, septa, etc. Racks snap together securely to double your rack capacity.
Universal Vial Racks

Universal Vial Rack System -Rack & Trays

Increased spacing allows the user to pipet samples or attach caps without removing the vials from the rack! Frames are made of polypropylene and insert trays are made of transparent PETG. Select the insert for your vial, pop it into the frame, and use!
9310-11    9300-11

Crimpers & Decappers


Capsule Holder™ - Patented


Click here for PDF

For use in dissolution vessels. Three prongs hold the capsule in place, permitting the completion of dissolution tests without capsule flotation.

9450-01  w9400-02

Ampoule Accessory

After the ampoule is cracked open, store the ampoule and it's contents in the 2mL Storage Vial Holder.  The ampoule sits on the spring inside the vial.  Seal the vial and ampoule with a stopper and closure.
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