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Crimpers & Decappers

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Standard Crimpers & Decappers


Upgraded Crimpers & Decappers

More comfortable operation - Now available with cushioned grips.  The grips will withstand repeated exposure to cleaning and sterilizing solutions, as well as exposure to some autoclave processes.  Grips can be removed, if necessary.  (Also available without grips)

Enhanced corrosion resistance - Manufactured using a combination of stainless steel, and hard plated, steel components where both corrosion resistance and increased wear and lubricity are required for optimum function.

Enhanced finishing of components and crimper jaws - Newly added, 6-step, micro-surface finish and polishing process to components that require additional ear and lubricity characteristics, such as the jaws.  The enhanced surface finish provides smoother operation, and allows the "flow" of the material during the crimping process to be more fluid, providing consistently tight and uniformly crimped seals.

Made in the U.S.A. - Guaranteed for 2 Years


Power Crimpers & Accessories


  • Uses quick-change heads in a variety of sizes and styles for crimping and decapping. No tools needed to change heads
  • Quick-change heads stocked in all standard sizes for crimping and decapping (special sizes available)
  • Light weight design
  • Operates on 40-60 PSI compressed air
  • Corrosion resistant, electroless-nickel finish

Reasons To Use

  • Faster crimping and decapping
  • Reduces operator stress and fatique
  • Produces more consistent crimps
  • Great for small production runs
  • Versatile, can be used to crimp and decap
  • Economical, one Power Crimp can be used for over 100 different sizes and styles
  • Can be hand held or mounted in bench stand and operated with foot pedal, thus allowing the use of both hands to handle bottles.


The Power Crimp has a number of accessories which can be added to increase the applications that can be used to meet your specifications. All accessories come with either quick disconnect fittings or are designed to be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds. This keeps down time to a minimum.

  • Power Crimp Stand and Foot Pedal

Using the Power Crimp Stand and Foot Pedal allows the use of both hands to handle bottles as well as for use as a portable, versatile workstation. With quick disconnect fittings, the Power Crimp can be moved to and from the stand with ease. Use of the stand is an economic way to add to the performance and flexibility of the unit.

  • Power Crimp Stand

The Power Crimp Stand has a sturdy marble base and an electroless-nickel plated post and support block. It is also available with a plastic post and block.

  • Foot Pedal

The Foot Pedal is supplied with a foot guard and hose. It also has quick disconnect fitting for ease in connecting and disconnecting.

  • Hoses

All hoses come with swivel fitting and female connector for easy, fast assembly and disassembly.

  • Regulator

This regulator is supplied with quick disconnect fitting for speed and ease of use.  It comes with gauge and relief valve.

  • Air Pressure Verification Gauge

This gauge easily mounts to the Power Crimp with a swivel fitting while the Power Crimp is in the stand.  It allows the operator to monitor any changes in air pressure which may occur as the room air pressure increases and decreases.  It can be rotated 360 degrees to accommodate viewing at any angle.

Vertical Air Crimper

Vertical Air Crimper and Accessories

Product Description:

  • Light weight and easy to operate- Enables handheld semi-automatic crimping and decapping of vials and bottles with less effort
  • Inter-changeable jaws allow for use with a variety of sizes and types of crimp seals including 8mm, 11mm, 13mm, 13mm flip-off, 20mm and 20mm flip-off
  • Pneumatic operation provides fast and dependable performance
  • Lightweight, and evenly balanced
  • Crimp pressure and intensity setting can be quickly and easily adjusted
  • Crimping cycle time is adjustable between .75 seconds and 1.5 seconds, allowing faster completion of crimping job
  • Corrosion resistant  finishes  throughout.  Tool  is  manufactured  using  stainless  steel  and  hard  coated corrosion resistant plating. (Autoclave-able models also available.) 


  • Pressure requirements- 90 to 100 psi incoming (adjustable from 40psi to 90psi operating pressure)
  • Unit dimensions (with head attached) Height = 6 ½” Diameter= 1 ½”
  • Weight 1.5 lbs
  • Cycle time .75 seconds to 1.5 seconds, adjustable
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