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37mm Membrane Filters

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Pore Size

Case Pack

FEC0237MD Mixed Esters Cellulose 0.2µm 50 pieces
FEC0437MD Mixed Esters Cellulose 0.45µm 50 pieces
FPV0237MD PVDF 0.2µm 50 pieces
FPV0437MD PVDF 0.45µm 50 pieces
FNY0237MD Nylon 0.2µm 50 pieces
FNY0437MD Nylon 0.45µm 50 pieces
FPT0237MD PTFE 0.2µm 50 pieces
FPT0437MD PTFE 0.45µm 50 pieces
FPP0237MD Polypropylene 0.2µm 50 pieces
FPP0437MD Polypropylene 0.45µm 50 pieces
FRC0237MD Regenerated Cellulose 0.2µm 50 pieces
FRC0437MD Regenerated Cellulose 0.45µm 50 pieces
FAC0237MD Cellulose Acetate 0.2µm 50 pieces
FAC0437MD Cellulose Acetate 0.45µm 50 pieces
FPS0237MD Polyethersulfone 0.2µm 50 pieces
FPS0437MD Polyethersulfone 0.45µm 50 pieces
FGF1037MD Glass Fiber 1.0µm 50 pieces
FGF2037MD Glass Fiber 2.0µm 50 pieces
FGF5037MD Glass Fiber 5.0µm 50 pieces
  Results 1 - 19 of 19 1 
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