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Extraction Kits, Sachets - Phase 1

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Select the Extraction Kit depending on the type of food and method to be used.  Each sachet contains preweighed salts, to be added after the acetonitrile step, in order to protect the integrity of your sample.  Add the solvent and salts to a small (10g or 15g) fruit or vegetable sample, enabling you to extract the pesticides into an organic layer.

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JGF00150S 4g MgSO4, 1g NaCl, 1g trisodium citrate dihydrate, 0.5g disodium hydrogencitrate sesquihydrate 50 pieces use with European EN-15662
JGF00250S 4g MgSO4, 1g NaCl 50 pieces use with Mini-Multiresidue (10 g sample)
JGF00350S 6g MgSO4, 1.5g NaCl, 1.5g sodium citrate dibasic, 750mg disodium citrate dibasic sesquihydrate 50 pieces N/A
JGF00450S 6g MgSO4, 1.5g NaOAc 50 pieces use with AOAC 2007.01
JGF00550S 6g MgSO4, 1.5g NaOAc, 750mg disodium citrate sesquihydrate 50 pieces N/A
JGF00650S 6g MgSO4, 1,5g NaCl 50 pieces use with Mini-Multiresidue (15 g sample)
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1 
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