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Other Essential Laboratory Accessories

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IMG206_9 PS Plasteur Pipet

Polypropylene Plastic Pasteur Pipets


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  • Polypropylene Plastic Pasteur Pipet provides chemical resistivity needed for many applications.
  • Available in two sizes: 5.75" and 9" for easier handling and longer reach for working with larger vessels
  • Available in sterile (gamma irradiated) and non-sterile pack options

Addresses many of the concerns associated with glass:

  • No more broken glass – more durable than standard glass ...
IMG241_Cell Lifter - Narrow Blade

Double Ended Cell Lifter

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  • Double Ended Cell Lifters have a 19mm beveled edge blade on one end and a Narrow Blade on the other for removing cells from Multiple Well Plates or Tubes.
  • The Narrow Blade version is tapered on one end to fit into 96 Well Plates or Micro Centrifuge Tubes
freezer box

Freezer Storage Boxes and Cell Dividers

Our storage boxes and cell dividers are designed as an economical storage solution for cryovials, cold storage sample vials or centrifuge tubes.  Available in white or yellow, the boxes and dividers are constructed of a sturdy, durable, cardboard with a moisture repellent coating that protects the storage box from the affects of liquid nitrogen or condensation from refrigerators or freezers.
  • Four drain holes on each corner for safe liquid nitrogen or excess moisture drainage
  • Boxes are available ...
Mini Mixer

Mini Vortex Mixers


The Mini vortex mixer is the ideal vortex mixer for every lab with its compact size, ease of use, and its economic price point. The 3,000 rpm fixed speed ensures there is no sacrificing any mixing power.


  • Extremely compact and easy operation.
  • Powerful vortexing for tubes up to 30mm.
  • Head is made of durable material to ensure long life.
  • Refined steel base is designed to ensure product stability.
  • Choice of different colored working head.
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