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Sealing Films for 96-Well Microplates

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96-Well Pattern Blue PTFE Sealing Film (Patented)

• Solvent-free adhesives adheres to polypropylene, polystyrene, and polycarbonate materials. 
• PTFE film is compatible with aqueous solutions and organic solvents.
• Excellent chemical resistance, resistant to DMSO.
• Works in Autosamplers with no coring of material and no clogging of needles.
• Prevents cross-contamination and evaporation.
• Adhesive is resistant to leaching and breakdown.
• Functional temperatures range -80°C to +120°C.


96-Well Adhesive-Free Zone Sealing Film (Patent Pending)

With a 70µm top layer and inert white polypropylene and acrylic adhesive sublayer, this easy-piercing sealing film allows direct sample recovery with single or multi-channel pipettors and robotic probes.

  • Dimensions are 79.4mm x 142.9mm for 96-well plates
  • Clear zones and end tabs facilitate well alignment and accurate positioning
  • Inert, chemical resistant
  • Functional temperature range: -40­°C to +90°C

EZ-Pierce™ Sealing Film

Easily pierceable, 70µm thick, polyethylene with acrylic adhesive, EZ-Pierce™ sealing films allow direct sample recovery with single or multichannel pipettors and robotic probes.
• Dimensions are 82.6mm x 142.9mm for 96-well plates.
• Easily pierceable with pipet tips or robotic probes.
• Inert, chemical resistant.
• Functional temperature range -40°C to +90°C.


AlumaSeal 96™ Sealing Film

AlumaSeal 96™ sealing films have one partial-width end tab with no perforations.
• Fits inside rim of raised-rim plate.
• Heat & cold resistant, recommended for temperatures from -40°C to +150°C.
• Easily pierceable.
• Certified DNase-, RNase-, and nucleic-acid-free.
• Dimensions: 127mm x 78mm (including single 9.5mm end tab).

AbsorbMax Sealing Film

AbsorbMax™ Sealing Film for Fluorescence and Photoprotection

AbsorbMaxTM sealing films are 203µm thick black vinyl films with 37µm acrylic adhesive for use with 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well black microplates. The sealing films may be applied to either the top or bottom of the plate. A split backing aids in applying the sealing film properly. Edge cutouts assist in positioning and accomodate ribs on the plate bottom. The light-blocking and absorbing properties of AbsorbMaxTM sealing films make them ideal for protecting light-sensitive samples during storage. In fluorescence applications they reduce ...

BrightMax Sealing Film

BrightMax™ Sealing Film for Luminescence and Microscopy

BrightMaxTM sealing films are 203µm thick white vinyl films with 37µm acrylic adhesive for use with white microplates. The sealing films may be applied to either the top or bottom of the plate. A split backing aids in applying the sealing film properly. The light-reflective properties of BrightMaxTM plate-sealing films on clear-bottom plates maximize sensitivity of bioluminescence and chemiluminscence assays in bottom-reading luminometers. White films also have application as a backing matrix for microscopy of punchout samples from filter ...

X-Pierce Sealing film

X-Pierce™ Precut Pierceable Sealing Film for Automation


Also useful for protecting contents of plate from contamination during multiple manual reagent additions over time. X-PierceTM sealing films are 89µm thick vinyl with a 18µm thick adhesive layer, designed for temporary protection from contamination and evaporation for samples in 96-well plates. A precut "X" over each well creates four flaps that easily bend downward when pushed by a robotic probe or pipet tip, allowing sample access without coring or adhesive fouling. A thin adhesive layer and special hairline cuts separating the X-Pierce flaps combine ...


RAPID EPS Sealing Film

Easy Piercing Seal (EPS) punctures easily to prevent needle clogging or damage. In addition, no adhesive residues are left on the plate or injector needle. The EPS plate seal is made of polyolefin and is highly resistant to organic solvents. Some suggested applications are HPLC and LC/MS.
• Self-closes instantly
• High resistance to organic solvents such as DMSO, Acetonitrile, and Methanol
• Embossed design pierces easily to prevent needle clogging or damage
• Works with 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates
• Airtight sealing between -80°C and +80°C
• Adhesive does not remain on the plate after peeling off
• Dimensions: 80mm x ...

RAPID Slit Seal

RAPID Slit Sealing Film

The Slit Seal is a resistant, instant self-closing 96-well plate seal. The adhesive-free, pre-cut slits made of silicone and PET allows easy insertion and withdrawal of pipette tips and sampling needles without dragging. The Slit Seal’s main purpose is to prevent solvent evaporation and cross-contamination. Some suggested applications are Automation, SPE, HPLC, LC/MS, ADME, and organic synthesis.
• Self-closes instantly
• No cross-contamination between wells
• Allows next day analysis
• No adhesive on well spots
• Pipette tips insert easily with less friction
• Functional temperature range: -80°C to +37°C
• Dimensions: 80mm x 122mm

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