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Large Opening Limited Volume R.A.M.™ Vials

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30109G-1232 COLOR & 30109G-1232A

Glass Insert/Plastic Outside Vial


J.G. Finneran is the original designer and manufacturer of the Glass Insert/Plastic Outside Vial (Glastic) and the 100µL Polypropylene Vial. Glastic is a unique combination of Type I low extractable borosilicate glass insert and clear or amber thermoplastic polymer outer vial shell. The glass is the only contact between the sample and the seal.

30209-1232  &  30209-1232A  &  30209M-1232  &  30209M-1232A

Interlocked™ Vials


The Finneran InterlockedTM Vial is composed of a 12x32 glass vial and a clear glass limited volume insert fused together. This design eliminates movement of the insert, allows more consistent sample recovery, eliminates needle damage and concerns about contaminants around the fused seam/space between the neck of the vial and the insert.  Available with marking spots.

80209FB-1232   COLOR

R.A.M.™ Vials Assembled with Flanged Flat Bottom Insert


The J.G. Finneran R.A.M.™ Vial is available preassembled with a flanged flat bottom insert.  The flanged flat bottom insert will only work in the Finneran vial.

80209-1232, 80209-1232A     COLOR

R.A.M.™ Vials Assembled with Step Insert


The ID design of the J.G. Finneran R.A.M.™ Vial incorporates the Step Vial feature that precisely centers a limited volume inert in the vial neck.  The flanged conical insert will only work in the Finneran vial.

31509-1232      COLOR

Solid Glass High Recovery Vial


The R.A.M.™ High Recovery Vial features a precision flanged conical bottom.  Perform sample concentrations in one vial - no transferring to limited volume inserts.

30109P-1232 & 30109T-1232 & 30109CP-1232 COLOR

Plastic Vials


Amber polypropylene adds protection for light sensitive samples. Black polypropylene protects light sensitive samples from having a chemical reaction during sampling. testing, storage, or transport.

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