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Aluminum Seals, 11mm

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Unassembled Aluminum Seals, 11mm

  • Center hole aluminum seals without septa are available in a variety of colors.
Alum. Seals

Preassembled Aluminum Seals, 11mm


Made of the highest quality aluminum; for use with standard 11mm chromatography vials. The open top allows for filling and retrieving samples with a syringe. Seals are available in a variety of colors for easy sample identification.

11mm Alum. Seal O-Ring

Assembled with Metal O-Ring, 11mm

Our 11mm aluminum seals are now available assembled with a septa and a round o-ring for use in any application where CTC Analytics PAL® instruments must transport the vial to another location using the magnets found on the instruments.
5150M-11, 5140M-11 GROUP

11mm Magnetic Seals

Magnetic seals for use with instruments (CTC Analytics PAL) transporting the vials using magnets.
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