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 All Categories    13-425mm Screw Thread Closures & Septa
All Categories > Chromatography Vials > 15x45mm WISP™ Style Screw Thread Vials, 13-425mm Neck Finish > 13-425mm Screw Thread Closures & Septa  

13-425mm Screw Thread Closures & Septa

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5310-13 GROUP

Screw Thread Closures (13-425mm)


Available in a wide assortment of colors. Designed for use with all autosamplers. The Top Seal™closure with a 10mil molded septa allows for easy needle penetration and is inert to most solvents. The one-piece design saves time by eliminating the process of assembling liners in the closures.


Septa for Screw Thread Closures (13-425mm)

Refer to Septa Selection Guide to choose 13mm septa best suited for your application.

Preassembled Screw Thread Closure and Septa (13-425mm)


Choose the preassembled caps with septa best suited for your application.The patented Top Hat™ septa and closure was designed to provide a positive physical lock to assure that preassembled components arrive intact.

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