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 All Categories    10-425mm Screw Thread Closures & Septa
All Categories > Chromatography Vials > 12x32mm Big Mouth Screw Thread Vials, 10-425mm Neck Finish > 10-425mm Screw Thread Closures & Septa  

10-425mm Screw Thread Closures & Septa

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5310-10 SERIES

Screw Thread Closures (10-425mm)


Larger opening provides increased target area for needle penetration. Closures are ideal for autosamplers requiring closures to support or hang in vial tray (Hitachi, Jasco, Shimadzu). Available in a wide assortment of colors. The Top Seal™ closure with a 10mil molded septa allows for easy needle penetration and is inert to most solvents. The one piece design saves time by eliminating the process of assembling liners in the closures.

601010-10 SERIES

Septa for Screw Thread Closures (10-425mm)

Refer to Septa Selection Guide to choose 10mm septa best suited for your application.
804040-10 SERIES

Preassembled Screw Thread Closures and Septa (10-425mm)

Choose the preassembled caps with septa bst suitable for your application.
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