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11mm Snap Seal Caps™

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5200-11 GROUP

11mm Snap Top Caps™


Caps may be snapped on and off by hand which eliminates the need for metal crimping and decapping tools, thus reducing potential hazards due to sharp aluminum metal edges. Large opening top provides greater target area for needle penetration. Available in a variety of colors for easy sample identification.

Snap Cap Metal O-Ring

11mm Snap Top Caps™ with Metal O-Rings

Our snap caps are now available assembled with a septa and a round o-ring for use in any application where CTC Analytics PAL® instruments must transport the vial to another location using the magnets found on the instruments.

11mm Polypropylene GC Snap Top Caps™

GC Snap Top Caps were developed to handle the most volatile samples, providing a liquid airtight seal to the vial. Simply snap on the cap and an evaporation proof seal of a crimp cap is achieved. Caps can also be used on 12x32 mm Snap Seal™ vials.
Polycrimp (4)

Poly Crimp™ Seals, 11mm Crimp - Patented

A crimp cap constructed of plastic that fits virtually any crimp top sample vial. Use a standard crimping tool to securely crimp the Poly Crimp Seal onto any crimp top vial.  This cap is versatile. The Poly Crimp Seal permits an airtight seal by hand, without crimping.  Securely crimp the Poly Crimp Seal onto any crimp top vial, both standard opening and Big Mouth...it's that easy!

 12x32mm Snap Ring™/Crimp Top Vials 

32011S-1232  COLOR  &  32011S-1232A
Snap Ring™/Crimp Top Vials, 11mm Crimp

 12x32mm Snap Seal™ Vials, 11mm Crimp Finish 

31811-1232  COLOR  &   31811-1232A
Snap Seal™ Vials, 11mm Crimp
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