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50mL Quecher

Extraction Kits - Phase 1

Select the Extraction Kit depending on the type of food and method to be used.  Each kit includes a 50mL centrifuge tube containing preweighed salts, to be added after the acetonitrile step, in order to protect the integrity of your sample.  Add the solvent and salts to a small (10g or 15g) fruit or vegetable sample, enabling you to extract the pesticides into an organic layer.
2ml Quecher

Dispersive Kits - Phase 2

Quechers page 2

QuEChERS Applications - Cannabis

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QuEChERS was developed to be a simple, effective and inexpensive way to extract and clean pesticide residues from a wide range of sample matrices. This is desirable for multiresidue pesticide methods where the goal is to test many compounds, sometimes hundreds, in one analysis. Because of the benefits of QuEChERS, the approach has become popular and has expanded to include numerous other matrices such as grains, nuts, dairy, tea and spices, and Cannabis, just to name a few.

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